Our HVAC system doesn’t work!

I was driving into school this spring and I managed to get pulled over. I guess I had kind of lost focus concerning my speed because I was enthusiastic about all my assignments. I had a quiz, two papers, and two presentations that week and almost the entire thing was …read more

Why I like my air conditioner

I knew it was bound to happen eventually. I had been too lucky in the last five years of teaching; I was finally called upon to  teach summer school. I had hoped to get away with not having to teach during the summer for one more year. Sadly that is …read more

Working on the air conditioner

I absolutely hate food shopping. It takes so long to get the kids packed into the car and the stroller for the baby, who is too small to sit within the grocery cart and  make sure that I have everything, my billfold, list, etcetera. It takes to much time to …read more

HVAC for a school

I’m a student teacher right now and I have an older lady as a substitute today. This older lady has no idea what to do with technology, at all. It’s kind of annoying since I need have things to get done and now it isn’t really easy to do my …read more

energy saving tips

I was remembering things about conductors and insulators the other day. In science class kids discover good conductors of heat in addition to insulators. I remember not really getting how to tell which is which, until we become experienced in walking on coals. Walking on coals can be done because …read more


Back in my college days I was one of the divers that was on the swim team. I always was inside the pool or on the diving board. The swim team was my entire life all throughout college. Once I graduated I just had to live near the home where …read more

Heater safety

It is my job as a teacher to give my kids spelling words as directed by the school curriculum. We have a regular format on what we teach and the way that we teach it. We get a list of spelling words that I have to use to teach the …read more

Working on our temperature control

My mother took great pains to raise my siblings and I as conscientious individuals. Any time we were doing something wrong, whether it had been wasteful or not considering the feelings of others, she would likely reprimand us and make us repeat after her, exactly what the mistake ended up …read more

I wish the weather was better

This is a Saturday afternoon part way through May. I have been looking forward to this day for about two weeks. It is the first Saturday, in quite a while, that I have nothing scheduled. I have no need to go into work. I have zero family functions, no need …read more

Trying to fix the toilet

Within my house, we call the man of the house “Toilet Man. ” This title is because we constantly clog up our toilet. My poor husband is always the one stuck dealing with such problems. We certainly can’t afford to call a plumber every time the toilet isn’t working perfect. …read more

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